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Users Resource

Users Resource on Discord API Docs

Get User

GET /users/{}

Returns a CRBT User object for a given user ID.

CRBT User structure

idsnowflakeThe ID of the user
accentColorintegerThe user's CRBT accent color as an integer. If set to 0, CRBT syncs it with their Discord profile color
crbtBadgesCRBTBadge[]A user's CRBT badges, shown on User Info
telemetry *booleanIf the user has enabled Command Telemetry. Learn more
silentJoins *booleanWhether CRBT should announce when they join a server
silentLeaves *booleanWhether CRBT should announce when they leave a server

* These properties can only be seen for a user requesting their own data.

Example CRBT User object

"id": "327690719085068289",
"accentColor": 16743291,
"telemetry": true,
"silentJoins": false,
"silentLeaves": false,
"crbtBadges": [
"id": "developer",
"name": "CRBT Developer",
"contents": "🧑‍💻"

CRBT Badge sturcture

idstringThe ID of the badge
namestringThe full name of the badge
contentsstringThe display emoji of the badge. Shows as a Unicode emoji or emoji mention for custom emojis.